The Microsoft Stream team is excited to share some new features that are rolling out now! You’ve shared feedback on ways Stream could be improved and we are listening.


  • Trim the beginning and end of recorded live events and videos on-demand
  • Replace your video, and keep the same viewer link
  • Retrieve deleted videos with the recycle bin
  • Office 365 Video migration enabled 


Trim the beginning and end of your videos 

The new trim feature makes it easy to remove unwanted footage at the beginning or end of a video – including live events and Teams meeting recordings.  Trimming unneeded portions of video makes it more efficient for viewers to get to the main content in your message.


stream trim gif.gif


Video trim is starting to roll out this week. Learn more 



Change your video file, keep the same link 

Share a video link with your team, and never worry if you need to replace the video file! This new feature enables video owners and Stream admins to upload a new version of a video, without changing the video link, details or permissions


replace video.png

This feature is starting to roll out this week. Learn more



Recover deleted videos 

Accidentally delete a video? Now you can easily retrieve it! The new Recycle Bin feature allows administrators to restore videos for up to 30 days following their deletion.  Additionally, videos in the Recycle Bin can be permanently deleted before the 30-day limit.


recycle bin.png

This feature is now available. Learn more


Migrate from Office 365 Video to Stream
Last month we launched the Office 365 Video self-service migration for public regions. To begin your migration, an Office 365 Video administrator  will see a banner at the top of Office 365 Video, which will initiate the migration. Customers in GCC, Germany, and China are not yet enabled for the migration and will be enabled at a future date.
O365 Video migration banner.png

We hope you enjoy the new editions to Stream and we look forward to sharing additional announcements with you at Ignite!