We are humbled by the investment organizations around the world have made in our technology and most recently in Microsoft Teams. We also recognize that it is 2020, and very few of you, if any, only use our technology to get work done. We created Teams as a platform to not only bring together your existing workplace investments, but to make them more valuable when used within Teams. Countless organizations have grabbed this opportunity and delivered truly innovative solutions for their workplace. We’ve dubbed those who have taken this Teams experience to the next level the Teams Superheroes, and we want to share what they are doing.


A notable example is HAVI - a world leader in supply chain management with over 10K employees - who slashed their employee pre-boarding process from weeks down to just 40 minutes with an elegant blend of Teams, Power Platform, and Azure:


Over the past three years, organizations have been asking us for guidance on where to begin. There are unlimited possibilities when it comes to extending and personalizing your Teams experience, and we hope that providing detailed scenarios like the one above makes it much easier to visualize possibilities and identify the right place to start.


With the explicit goal of helping you find the scenarios that best fit your organization’s business goals, we are launching Unleashing Microsoft Teams (<-- register here) – a monthly Live Event, where we will cover one or more key scenarios delivered by organizations in Teams. Each monthly call will be held in three different time zones, recorded, and shared with registrants and on our Superheroes YouTube playlist.


Who should join this community call?

Anyone with foundational experience in Teams. We have heard from many IT (Information Technology) departments that Teams platform has become the bridge between their group and their broader organization. So, if you're in IT and reading this we encourage you to invite your business counterparts along.


Last Thoughts

We hope to see you on one of our calls. Additionally, we a live interview coming up with people just like you, talking about Centers of Excellence and managing citizen development – come hear what they have to say on what worked, what they learned, and pick up a few ideas along the way. Register here to join us.


And if you have a Superhero in your organization, we would love to hear about them and potentially invite them to a future call. Let us know!