This week we were at the DEVIntersection conference in Las Vegas, delivering a session on "What's New with the Cortana Skills Kit". We had an engaging audience of developers with whom we had a chance to share details around the Cortana Skills Kit, how to build skills for Cortana, and how to use some new features we shipped to build rich, engaging skill experiences.


We talked about a number of features including:

  • Cortana can now understand the user intent and start offering your skills at the right time (in limited public preview)
  • Users can now start typing in the Cortana search box to invoke your skills (available on Windows Fall Creators Update)
  • Various speech recognition improvements we made to the platform so Cortana can better recognize when your skill is being invoked and the phrases that users use when interacting with the skill
  • Ability to leverage Cortana to authenticate the user to a 3rd party service at any point in the skill interaction
  • New capabilities to display rich UX as part of skill responses and the ability to stream audio using a Cortana Skill


We also did a code-along session leveraging some of the new features and showed how easy it was to create a useful and engaging Cortana Skill!


We will cover more of these features and details on how to use them in subsequent blog posts - so stay tuned!


The slides we used at the conference are now available here.


Please let us know below if you have any questions. We would also love to hear about specific topics for blogs that you would like to see and we would be happy to oblige! 


Have a great day!