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Testing IM and Web-Conferencing Archiving set to Critical

First published on TECHNET on Apr 01, 2017 Organizations often chose to enable IM Archiving for multiple reasons, while some may be for record keeping purposes, others may have a regulatory /compliance requirement to ensure IM Archiving is occurring ...

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Get-CsPoolUpgradeReadinessState shows as Ready, Active Front-Ends count doesn’t match

First published on TECHNET on Jun 20, 2018 Recently, I come across a particular scenario where Get-csPoolUpgradeReadinessState was showing as READY and Front-End Services were started across all Front-Ends, but the TotalActiveFrontEnds showed a numb...

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Skype for Business Recording Manager Fails to Publish Video

First published on TECHNET on Apr 11, 2018 Skype for Business Administrators can configure a client policy to allow recordings during meetings. When the policy is configured, users will have the ability to record a meeting, and the...

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